Saturday, January 28, 2012

New Craft Space

Two trips to Ikea, one large delivery, three days of assembly (read sore feet and backs) and organization (although I can guarantee I'll fiddle with the organization forever)   It's finally finished!!!  I just love it, and don't think I can thank DH enough for all his help, not to mention his patience while I made up my mind what and where I wanted things. So here is the big reveal.......

This is the space empty...

This is where everything went to....

The delivery...

This is where my old desk was with the bicycle picture on the wall (see previous post for reference). I will be painting my sewing table white to match the rest of the furniture. It holds my scanner and Silhouette machine right now. You can also see part of DH's surprise for me there in the middle  

Here is the empty space (from above pic) filled. And that lovely new desk can raise and lower on both ends and has a light box built in too! DH also surprised me with those colourful puzzle mats, to use as another place to pin up "stuff" which I call art LOL.

The view looking out from the above pic.

And the last pic is of the whole space or as much as I could fit in the frame.

Oooh goodness, it looks like my little grandson left some stickers up for me, hehe I didn't see them 'til now.

I truly look forward to many happy hours of crafting here, and I am always happy to have friends join me, the more the merrier and if anyone wants to know more about the furniture or what I keep where let me know and I'll be happy to share with you.