Monday, January 16, 2012

A Card and a mess

First the Card....

Well it's been a few days since my last post, but you will forgive me when I tell you why.  My darling husband said to me "What would you need (I heard "want") to get your "stuff" (I may have taken offence to that word hehehe) organized, and tidied up?? Now understand that my craft space is in our finished basement, where we do most of our entertaining, and it seems when I start a project it grows and grows and grows until it seems I have something on every flat surface in the whole Rec room. DH says give me a flat surface and I'll cover it!! He is right, but then I always set things to right.........eventually. So to make a short story long, I have been carting up all my "stuff" (can you tell that still bugs me!) into some lovely IKEA containers, and the large units should arrive sometime before Saturday. I am so excited, it's just like waiting for the UPS girl to deliver my orders. In amongst all this upheaval I had to make DD her birthday card, and I have also been working on an ATC swap, but that is on hold 'til the weekend. So here are some pics, and don't forget to stop back to see the final reveal.

And now the mess!!

The file cabinet on the right is where I keep my 8 1/2 x 11 card stock, along with our business and personal files. I have also taken over 2 1/2 shelves in the bookcase, which I will be returning to the Rec room. There is also a nice big (well huge actually) bulletin board to be put up. Soon we will be able to use the exercise station, which is that large circular monstrosity, actually I like it because it has doors to keep it neat.

This is the built in bookcase, which holds my 12" papers on the right, and the bottom 2 shelves in the middle  have taken over too.  My hope is to clear it all off and paint it white like I wanted to when it was built 12 years ago, no hurry!!! 

This is my main work area, there are bright halogen lights overhead. To the back left are all my supplies, ink, embellies, more punches etc. This area will be one of the three big changes.

Well enough for today, I will return with more soon.