Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Finally.....a scrapbook page

So those of you who stop by my blog know, or at least have figured out, that I am basically a card maker. Well I am also a self-confessed paper hoarder, be it real or digital. Years ago when I first heard of scrapbooking I, and my eldest daughter (she was still living at home then), went and bought some basic tools to start scrapbooking. We were all gung-ho and truth be told my daughter did make a couple of pages. I on the other hand, think too much (as a friend once told me)and therefore have several pages in my head, pieces cut out, planned, pictures scanned and/or printed all ready to be made into the most wonderful pages!! LOL,
A few weeks ago I had happened upon a free kit and tutorial from Jessica Sprague which she offered for the USA "Arbor Day" holiday. This is the page I made with that kit. It is a picture of our little grandson I took while on his first visit to a Pumpkin Patch, and if you all are patient I will get around to putting together a page which actually shows some pumpkins!

Recently it was iNSD (InterNational Scrapbooking Day) and I participated in a G+ hangout tutorial with some lovely ladies. It was for beginner digital scrapbookers. I learned quite a few new, well actually almost all of what I learned was new, things and made my 2nd digital scrapbook page. I'm not quite finished with it yet, I need to put some more "elements" on the page before I'm totally satisfied with it. So stay tuned.

On another note, I'm not sure if there are any of you out there really following me, but if you are I will be out of commission for a few weeks, as I am having carpel surgery next week. Luckily it's on my left wrist, so I may be able to mouse around, ya' never know!!!